How I use Lavender Essential Oil

When I gave birth to Hirz, Hud’s younger brother, I used to drop lavender on maternity pads and using the cotton bud, I swiped some lavender on my wound during recovery. The drying effects is amazing! Wound healed swiftly! Within one week I would say. I also used lavender to drop in the sitz bath with some salt.

I've had bad dandruff problem. So I dropped in lavender together with peppermint to

reduce itchiness of the scalp.

Sometimes when the children would not sleep, I rub some lavender on their sole feet, spine and brain stem to calm them down. 15 minutes! Top! Or I would bathe them with epsom salt and a few drops of lavender in their tubs.

Hud needs to drink lots of water as he is on ketogenic diet which requires him to eat lots of fats. So at times when we are traveling, he doesn't drink enough; he would constipate for three days. Because on the 4th day I would use digize and lavender on his tummy and sole feet. 1kg of dead rats, roaches and bricks would come out!

Hud uses lavender as special needs recipe combined with other three oils. It helps him

to stay alert.

Children bang here and there causing them to bruise. Put lavender on the bruise layered with Frakincense. One day or two it will

dissolve the bruise!

There are more uses of Lavender. Lavender is in your Basic Plus Starter Kit and Premium Starter Kit. Whatsapp me!

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