How I use Peppermint Essential Oil

Whenever I have headaches from lack of sleep caring for the baby during my night shift, i would drop one drop covering all five fingers, rub them together with all 10 fingers, then massage my scalp. The residue on the fingers will then be used to massage my neck. The relief comes so instantaneously! I would also smell peppermint oil deeply to feel refresh.

I'm very allergic to dust. Once when I was expressing my milk behind a dusty piece of cloth in a bus and airplane. I sneezed non stop. Using peppermint on my nose bridge, under the eye sockets,

and inhale deeply helped with unblocking of the nose, and one tiny bit of mucus gulping down my throat. Nose became clear! Its a little bit stinging so don't use on your small children.

I would get bad morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. Peppermint has helped me a lot in managing my nausea so I wouldn't throw up as frequent as my first pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I threw up countless times until I had to be admitted in a hospital. It has also helped me when the anesthetics effect worn out after a surgery. I managed not to vomit when i smelled peppermint. Imagine how peppermint could help with cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and always vomiting?

Malaysian food are great. We have high percentage of obesity. I could contribute to that statistics if I do not control my food intake. Haha. Whenever I feel like eating sugar, I would smell peppermint deeply, and the imagination of that cake goes into my mouth disappeared!

It shows that some people’s craving is lessened when we smell peppermint. Peppermint is also great whenever you have a bloated tummy from overeating. Just don't fart in some prime minister’s face!

Peppermint, when mixed with lavender and lemon essential oil, makes a great relief for skin allergies.

Add some peppermint oil in your shampoo and add some lavender to relief your itchy scalp.

Ask me how to use these mixtures!

I know a dozen more usage of peppermint. Ask me how.

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