How I use RC Essential Oil

When you hear the word RC in the world of young living, you would automatically think of it as a respiratory comfort.

I’m very sensitive to dust or super small particles. I would start sneezing and my nose would be blocked. I would then breathe through my mouth. When I apply RC on my sinus area, the muscles around my sinus area will become thick for a while, then thin and a ball of mucus would b

e gulped down through my throat. I would use this method every 2 hours until my nose is really clear.

During flu season, I diffuse RC at the living area so my children won't get infected via airborne when somebody with flu come to visit. Festive season is another season when I diffuse RC heavily.

Sometimes when I hear wheezy sound from my children, I would rub a little RC before going to the clinic to ease their breathing.

During a mild cough, I would rub RC along my throat and layer with purification to soothe the throat a little.

RC is sooo popular that it is limited to one customer per bottle per month. My sister’s children who are also fragile and always coughing and sneezing use a lot of RC to help them to be comfortable quicker.

RC can also soothe tired muscles!

RC is in your premium starter kit.

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